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"With a sound reminiscent of Hozier and a dash of Wilco, FLAX's new project will certainly be one to keep your eye on in 2020..."

"Intimate and cinematic all at once, FLAX is the kind of 21st Century singer/songwriter that excites us most."

"… emotional, visceral, and will give you all the feels."

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“game changing singer-songwriter-guitarist” 

"With the decadent vibe of the Beatles in ‘More Love’, FLAX takes it up another notch with this charming story telling single."

"A harrowing yarn about addiction, solace and pain, it might just be the best song we’ve heard this month, if not the past few months."

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"FLAX has not only a way with words but with melody and with an instrument (his voice) that moves in mysterious ways. Love his ability to twist and turn phrases so comfortably."

"FLAX’s debut four-song EP...offers an unflinching birds-eye view of modern-day life’s highs and lows, with a slyly self-effacing, sometimes jaundiced eye..."

“'Dear B' finds FLAX reminiscing over a past relationship, thinking about what might have been and how his perception keeps changing every time he looks back."

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